Reina Subramanian Presents “look the other way” Off Debut EP

To play games with someone’s feelings is to act in a manipulative or disingenuous way toward them, exploiting their emotions to get what they want without considering how their actions could make the other person feel.

This behavior should be avoided at all costs since it is detrimental to the trust that exists between two people as well as the emotional connection that exists between those two people.

As such, Reina Subramanian put hers in a song she calls “look the other way” which was taken from her debut EP tagged “heartstrings”

An additional objective of the song is to instill in young women the ability to stand up for themselves and to refuse to allow others to tamper with their emotions.

In spite of the fact that there are a great number of talented singers in the world, this one possesses a voice that is absolutely remarkable.

It is likely that they will continue to perform as they have in the past given that she takes pleasure in singing and harbors the desire to motivate people through their music.

Her success so far has been dependent on a variety of things, such as her ambitions, life characteristics, and a high level of enthusiasm and dedication to her trade.

Listen to the song and follow her on Tik Tok and Instagram.


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