“Raw and Real: Talia Grace’s ‘From Under You’ EP Review”

With her new EP “From Under You,” takes us on an incredibly raw and honest journey through pain, healing, and profound personal growth. Recorded in the intimate setting of her producer Taylor Webb’s apartment, the simple instrumentation allows Talia’s powerful vocals and poignant lyrics to just envelop you completely.

She doesn’t waste any time diving into the deep end on the opener “I Call the Girl Before the Girl.” Driven by that stark piano line, Talia reflects on past relationships and mistakes with a hard-won wisdom that immediately lets you know this is no ordinary pop record. It sets the tone for the brave vulnerability that courses through the entire EP.

“Lavender Latte” has more of a delicate folk-pop vibe as Talia paints one of those vivid, lived-in scenes of a relationship’s demise over a café meeting. Her expressive vocals and the lilting melody transport you right into that tender, heartbreaking moment. Tracks like this are why she’s earning comparisons to Sara Bareilles and Julien Baker.

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Her expressive vocals and the lilting melody transport you right into that tender, heartbreaking moment.

But the real showstopper is “Smoke,” which reckons with Talia’s experience of sexual assault survival. It’s a haunting, harrowing performance buoyed by those aching strings as she processes unimaginable pain into stunningly powerful art. It’s devastatingly beautiful in a way that’s hard to put into words.

She closes things out on a defiantly hopeful note with “Greedy Reminders” and its uplifting message of overcoming struggle. Talia’s soaring vocals give you full-body chills as she reminds us that we’re truly never alone, no matter how dark things get.

“From Under You” is Talia Grace baring her soul over these four tracks, sharing deeply personal stories that cut right to your core. But more than that, it’s a display of remarkable resilience, empathy and openheartedness that introduces her as a vital new voice. Don’t sleep on this one.

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