Nolo Grace Captivates with Ethereal Vocals in ‘Eyes Of The Dragon’

Ever heard of “Nolo Grace”? “Nolo Grace”? Does it sound familiar? What of Grace & Moji? Yes that is a name which is familiar to many of our listeners and on occasions this duo has brought to the people touching lyrics and touching songs.

Nolo Grace has created her unique course with her ambitious, innovative range and persona always appreciated for her performances. Following the buzz that was created by “Wake Up” which featured Sean Kingston, Nolo Grace is back with “Eyes Of The Dragon,” which reaffirms her presence in the industry.

Her latest song I love is called “Eyes Of The Dragon. ”It is all about change and development, right? The kind of stuff that really gets you thinking about your own life. Her voice is like. .. ethereal, I guess? And the production is super cinematic. It is the type of song that you just put on and go into auto pilot.

Nolo really has this thing about how we are all these little elephants, these multi-faceted individuals. She also discusses the need to connect with various aspects within us – the better angel, the dark side, the kid within. Deep stuff, right?

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Nolo Grace Captivates with Ethereal Vocals in ‘Eyes Of The Dragon’

Grace explains

“Eyes of the Dragon is inspired by the theme of transformation and the multiplicity of self. I believe that we are interdimensional and infinite beings – we have multiple versions of self that we can tap into, including our higher self, shadow self, our inner child, etc. I wrote this song about the fact that we all have the ability to tap into our higher self and have a more expansive view of ourselves and the world.”

She’s an LA based Korean-American artist and her music can best be described as pop/ R&B/ hip hop/ avant garde. You can see she has been through some things in her life; her songs have this raw feeling to them.

Oh, and guess what? She’s releasing an entire album at the end of this year too called ‘’Eyes Of The Dragon. ’’ Just like this track, it’s going to blow one’s mind.

Nolo Grace is for sure a talent to look out for. It is not just pop music; it gives the intellect something to ponder upon. It will be interesting to see what she does next.

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