Niashun and Dodo Collaborate For Inspirational Afrobeats Anthem ‘Journey’

Waveyard Entertainment star, Niashun continues his run of being a master at blending Afrobeats with soulful vocals that deliver uplifting messages. His latest single, ‘Journey’ is no exception to this rule. He collaborates with Swiss producer, Dodo to create a vibrant anthem meant to inspire dream chasers, using his life story as a template. The result is a riveting sonic journey that takes the listener from the depths of struggle to the heights of triumph and joy! Listen here

‘Journey’ is replete with an optimism that is vibrant and catchy. Niashun’s rich baritone vocals open the song with a powerful statement that serves as the refrain: “All my life I wanted to go on this journey oh/My heart be yearning (be yearning), desire burning,” inviting listeners to join him on this personal experience. “While writing ‘Journey,’ I reflected on my life,” the singer shared. “I remembered the challenges I faced: economic crises, family problems, falling out with friends, and even issues with my faith. Things were very discouraging, but I never gave up. I kept fighting, and music changed my life. I want my fans and listeners to do the same. Pursue your dreams no matter what the people or circumstances around you say.”

Niashun eloquently sings of his arduous ‘Journey’ to fame, highlighting how he held on to music despite facing discouragement. His guest, legendary Swiss producer, Dodo doesn’t break from the song’s narrative either. He adds a layer of excitement to the song with a kinetic and confident delivery that packs the power of a thousand suns! In April, Dodo handed Niashun his first European performance at the AfriLAAX concert (dubbed Dodo & Friends) in Laax, Switzerland and ‘Journey’ is a by-product of that powerful encounter. It is also the first time we see Niashun collaborating with another artist.

‘Journey’ deserves to be heard by anyone who needs a reminder that their dreams are still within arm’s reach, or as Niashun put it: “This life is a dream that only you can see.”

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