“Medicated”: An R&B Revelation of Love From July

The realm of R&B is renowned for its ability to produce soul-stirring compositions and emerging talent, July – London based maestro – simply reaffirms this stand with his single, “Medicated.”

A descent into the mellow depths of “Medicated” is like sipping on a carefully concocted cocktail of relaxation. As the overture unfurls, the neo-soul vibe commingles with a stirring undercurrent of R&B slivers, infusing tranquillity into your auditory sense – a refreshing antidote for the beleaguered soul.

"Medicated": An R&B Revelation of Love From July
“Medicated”: An R&B Revelation of Love From July

July’s vocal prowess rides the waves of each rhythm with an exquisite grace, offering a staple characteristic of the R&B genre – the male vocals that serenade your senses into a bewitching calm. Yet, this rising star imprints his sound with a unique stamp – a velvety timbre that vacillates fluidly across his impressive vocal range.

Entwined in the musicality of “Medicated,” July builds a poignant narrative – a tale spun in the glimmering web of falling in love. The rawness of his lyricism, strung together with a string of emotions, delivers a candid portrait of experiencing an all-consuming amour. It echoes vulnerability, strength, and the giddy thrill of new love, and forms the heartbeat of this melodic gem.

Thoughtful production elements enhance the overall vibe, highlighting July’s artistic identity, while the subtle incorporation of soothing beats, and hushed harmonies, contribute to the understated power of “Medicated.”

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Drawing comparisons to R&B progressives like Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar is tempting, owing to the sheer quality and style that July brings to the table. Yet, there remains an undeniable uniqueness – a July essence that cannot, and should not, be overshadowed.

In “Medicated”, we are not just bystanders witnessing another R&B artist’s rise towards the horizon of music, but rather, we are confidantes invited into a palpable emotional journey signifying love’s intoxicating descent. It’s a testament to the singer’s artistic prowess that he transfigures feeling into an audible experience.

In this song, July has curated a mesmerizing sonnet – a flaunt of his maturing artistry and a delightful hint at the immense potential this London-based artist holds. “Medicated”, in all its soothing glory, is the directional compass pointing towards July’s ascent on the R&B ladder – an oasis of neo-soul vibes in the vast soundscape of contemporary music. Watch this artist and get lost in this song repeatedly.

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