Maya Malkin Shares Amusing New Single “Honey”

Maya Malkin has returned with a brand new and exciting track that she has titled “Honey,” and it will be included in her upcoming album.

The song “Honey” showcases more of her shimmering alternative pop style, which she has mastered over the course of her career.

Because of this, listening to the song is an extremely pleasurable and uplifting experience, and it will stick with you for a very long time after you have experienced it for the very first time.

Her singing is really passionate and full of emotion. Her singing has a soothing quality that makes you want to get in. This sensation is wonderful and enjoyable.

Maya says, “Honey is the calm before the storm. Probably the most lighthearted on the album, and one of the only songs with a positive twist, Honey hints at the issues that the rest of the album tackles without yet understanding the darkness that lies ahead.”

She communicates his want for more profound connections with other people while at the same time eliciting compassion and understanding in listeners.

Her ability to write a memorable hook in the context of slick pop production, as well as the honesty with which she expresses her thoughts in her songs, have earned her recognition.

The Toronto-based singer’s first full-length album, titled “Congratulations,” will be released on February 17 of this year. Anticipate!

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.



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