Luke Boor Takes On A Ride Through Heartaches With “Queens’

Let me introduce you guys to the latest single from the camp of Luke Boor which he titles “Queens”. “Queens” is more of a musical journey through the a love story, through the heartaches of a failed relationship, this indie-rock gem is a real treat. It’s got these hooks that just grab you, and the lyrics are relatable and captivating.

“When I wrote the song I had just moved to New York and landed a job as a hotel doorman in The Financial District…at the time, life seemed epic, larger than life, just like my new home. Naturally, New York showed up in my songwriting.”

Says Luke Boor

The drums kinda remind you of the sounds you’d hear on the NYC subway tracks. Luke Boor, got one of the best voices in the indie rock scene and this can be clearly heard in this record and “Queens” has this cool synthesized tones, which is graced by his vocals.

It’s nostalgic, it’s like you’re right there, a vivid vision of the entire event unfolding right infront of you.

“Queens” is not just about heartache; it’s about hope and resilience a driving force to keep fighting even the face of adversities.

And then, like many of us, COVID-19 hit, and everything came to a halt. Luke lost his job, struggled with his mental health, and had to put music on the back burner. “Queens” was put on hold. But, as they say, after the storm, there’s sunshine. Things got better for Luke, and for all of us, and it made sense to return to music and release a song that’s always been special.

Listen to Queens below


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