La’Monte Redefining Pop with “Welcome To The Heartbreak

Renowned for his groove-driven funky soul sound, La’Monte adds inspired low-key Trap elements to his recent work, flipping the switch and pushing boundaries

La’Monte, a sensational multi-talented artist and one of Philadelphia’s favorite sons, continues to captivate the listening public with his latest pop single, “Welcome To The Heartbreak.” With each sublime release, La’Monte touches the depths of the soul, offering silky smooth vocals, laidback beats, and a fusion of melodic soul and organic Hip Hop flows.

Drawing personal inspiration from music legends like The Neptunes, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, Curtis Mayfield, Cameo, Timbaland, and a wide range of R&B from the 60s to the 90s and beyond, La’Monte is transforming the musical landscape with his eclectic catalog.

La’Monte effortlessly showcases his diverse talents as a producer, singer, rapper, guitarist, and pianist. These skills come naturally to the artist who is on the verge of a limitless career. Notably, his work with the band A Couple of Mondays further amplifies his groundbreaking approach in “Welcome To The Heartbreak.”

La’Monte’s ability to seamlessly blend various musical influences and genres sets him apart as an artist who fearlessly explores new territories. With “Welcome To The Heartbreak,” he is redefining the pop genre and creating a sound that resonates deeply with listeners. Prepare to be swept away by the innovative artistry of La’Monte as he breaks barriers and paves the way for a new era of music.

The track itself is a perfect addition to the New Hip Hop & RnB Spotify playlist and appeals to curators who appreciate intelligently crafted music. La’Monte delivers an organic and authentic groove that is destined to climb to the highest peaks of recognition.

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