Kiki Celine Shares Her Secrets On “Fragile”

Opening up about your insecurities and mental state to a closed circle is a feat on its own. Imagine being an artist making music where you are constantly baring your heart to the world, and as a young woman. 

Alternative Soul-pop and R&B singer/songwriter, KiKi Celine, has just released her follow-up single, “FRAGILE”, on July 14th, 2023. The song is a deep dive into her mind state as a  person beyond her musicality.  

On “Fragile”, Celine addresses certain happenings that trouble her mind and backs her resolve to fight when necessary and only when necessary. The Afro Soul-pop song is  delivered with a soulful voice that carries the strength she professes amidst the weaknesses she talks about. Another collaborative project with the fast-rising producer Insvne Auggie,  this song brings a ray of sunlight in the dark times.

KiKi Celine is steadily taking her place among the new and next generation of artistes. She made waves with her first single, with the song still on the airwaves and getting new fans and listeners by the day. 

FRAGILE is a song for those questioning their will to fight and chasing a perfection that cannot be found. People are flawed, and it is in these flaws that we find our beauty. Please  Handle With Care. 

Listen to the song here

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