Kayden McCarthy Returns With A Sunset-Driving Record ‘Cruise Control’

Kayden McCarthy, a singer and songwriter now located in Chicago, spent his youth in the area of New Jersey along the coast. He has surely gone a long way since then.

After spending time in Amsterdam and central Illinois, he finally made his home in the Windy City, and it was then that he realised his love for music.

Kayden has created a signature sound that is at once varied and consistent by drawing influence from a wide variety of musical styles, including soft house, acoustic rock, hip hop, and electro-pop.

His ability to combine multiple genres together such that there is no discernible break in the flow is reminiscent of Harry Styles, with whom he has a flair for producing engaging vocal combinations.

The song “Cruise Control” by Kayden McCarthy is ideal for a leisurely Sunday drive or any other kind of journey on the open road. The track’s easygoing and laid-back sound gives the impression that you are driving aimlessly along the motorway with no particular destination in mind.

This is the song you want to hear playing on the radio as you drive out into the setting sun. Its peaceful and serene chorus is increased by vocals that have a pointed quality and are inspired by hip-hop.

These vocals are mild enough to keep your ear warm, but they are able to carry a melody throughout the song. As you go for your next drive, you won’t be able to help but want to play the song again and over again.

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