Julian Rose & Caroline Romano Are Both “Fighting A War” In New Song

It is quite incredible that Julian Rose and Caroline Romano were able to collaborate on the creation of this song.

The song “Fighting A War,” although having a cheery title, is about the conflicts that are inherent in modern love. The lyrics of this song are deep and meaningful, and the overall soundscape is quite complex.

The two singers, each of whom contributed something unique to the table, collaborated to create an outstanding song as a consequence of their efforts. You’ll have to admit that you were right after hearing it for the very first time.

In the same way that their saddened voices encourage them to focus on the words and gain depth by virtue of reflection, their experiences do the same thing.

Even with their mournful tones, you can sense their emotions all throughout the song, as well as their flexibility, which is shown by delivering a more mellow and atmospheric take on the song.

After reading about the song, we feel confident that it will speak to you on a deep level. The band has always played music like this.

Singer-songwriter-rapper-producer-multi-instrumentalist Julian Rose is situated in the L.A. inquisitive and sociable, someone who enjoys talking to new individuals.

Romano’s lyrical abilities reveal her insightful and optimistic perspective on the ups and downs of being a young person in the current world, as well as on contemporary romance.

Listen to the song below and follow Julian Rose on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow Caroline Romano on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok.

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