Getting Real with Colourshop’s “Be Yourself”: A Genuine Review

As human beings, everybody wants to belong to a group. There is a strong need in us to fit into the society. This song captures a deep meaningfulness paired with infectious positivity and self-discovery.

Behind it all, the song was designed by Alfredo Salvati who is known as Colourshop’s mastermind. “Be Yourself” is more than a song it brings along an exciting and liberating self-reflection and power in which one stands on the pedestal of their own mind. With the nature of the tune that blends many soothing melody and the pleading lyrics, the song represents a gentle reminder not to let circumstances and also society’s expectations make one slip off the path that they have chosen for themselves.

“Be Yourself”, which was recorded at RoomTo in Barcelona and produced by both Jason Boshoff and Oscar Braga, starts out with a moderate and soothing acoustic guitar and vocals, building the basis for a musical story that begins to unfold and develop at each and every passing moment. While the song builds and flows, a chorus of intricate textures and details contribute to the overall musical landscape, which cannot be rendered into words. These details encompass the concepts of self-respect and creativity.

In her singing, Salvati shares her sincerity and vulnerability alongside the reality of each song. This allows to hear the words in a naturalized manner. It becomes a beacon of hope for the listener about the journey of self-realization. The narrator talks of the problem in an expressive manner and does it with a lot of tenderness and empathy.

The song “Be Yourself” is an instrumentally brilliant mix of acoustic folk and indie pop elements. This melody provides a strong rhythm and flow for one to be fully absorbed in. A melodic combo of a guitar and a piano are gently played. Thus, an atmosphere of a beautiful breeze emerging from the nostalgic past and reviving your positive feelings is created. As the tune evolve, the light touches of electric guitar and drums add color to the matter and give the song a little bit of character, thus increasing the richness of the composition.

Such thing as “Be Yourself” derives from the fact that it is that one single issue that those people who hear the song can feel it on the bottom of their hearts. Salvati’s verses are thought-provoking and understandable, provide a cozy feeling, and guarantee that even in the strictest of worlds one can maintain their unique true self.

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