Estella Dawn’s “Not A Problem” Is A Very Introspective & Captivating Track

The singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Estella Dawn was born in New Zealand but now makes her home in the United States, contributing a wealth of talent and skill to the current state of the art in pop music.

Her albums, which she composes, records, and co-produces herself, perfectly encapsulate the labour of a life spent creating music.

Her music has a unique edge because she is able to mix parts that are both very delicate and very violent. This enables her to confidently cross genres.

The thoughtful song “Not A Problem” shows a well-honed poetic skill by balancing honesty and denial in a way that is both gripping and honest, and by using wordplay and personal details in equal amounts.

The tune draws the listener in slowly, but it’s hard to ignore how intense it gets as it goes on.

From the mind of Estella Dawn, a one-woman creative powerhouse, comes “Not A Problem,” the latest in a string of notable introspective releases. These honest, human reflections on modern pain and uncertainty reach out with a whole new level of purpose.

They build on a long history of composing, performing, recording, and producing music of the highest quality.

Every time I hear Estella talk, I’m more impressed by how she can be both professional and enthusiastic at the same time. Because of this, “Not A Problem” is the only song that can hold people’s attention with its literary depth and sincere truth.

Artistically balancing the admitted weakness and overindulgence in the comfort of ignorance as happiness, “Not A Problem” delves into emotional agony with a familiar air of desire.

Estella has reached a universal emotion by singing a heartbreakingly beautiful song with the perfect balance of self-assurance and yearning; the need for connection and the same wish to never be a burden is surprisingly familiar.

Estella’s obvious honesty and soul are on full display here, making for a striking depiction of real and contradictory emotions.

With its alluring blend of melodic resolution and short lyrical pain, “Not a Problem” expresses a desire to comprehend the human journey while acknowledging, at least in part, the bridges that have been burnt along the road.

With its alluring beat and catchy tune, “Not A Problem” changes the story totally, with lyrics that advocate self-destruction and rejection at the same time.

The song hits home because of its depth of knowledge and sheer determination in a single, powerful progression, proving once again that Estella Dawn is exactly what contemporary pop music needs.


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