Embark On A Musical Journey With Anoush On Her Latest Album – ONE

Time and time again Anoush has proved she is the best when it comes to music production, and as proof her latest album “One” sets the record straight. Anoush brings forth a unique blend of influences gathered from her international adventures. Classical piano training, lyrical prowess, and an innate production skillset all come together to create a sonic tapestry that is truly one of a kind.

“Lighthouse” without a doubt is the perfect intro for any album, as an artist of her calibre her fans expect nothing less from her, how she masterfully displays her piano skills on the 3 minutes 38 seconds song is a thing you can’t stop enjoying. The eerie lyrics and haunting skills taunt the listener putting them on the verge of their seat.

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“One” has 12 songs on it, with sounds ranging from reggae, Jazz, pop, and some classical music. One thing I like about this album is its uniqueness, the album isn’t dull with one-way sound, but versatile, giving everybody something to jam to.

Although this is her debut album, it sounds nothing like it, listening to the album you can literally taste the sweat and effort that went into the making of the album, from the lyrical composition to the production of the song.

The 12 songs on the album flow seamlessly, I actually love the serenity the fifth and sixth song comes with, “Library” and “Bullets” has some powerful lyrics and resonates with the listener, and her soaring vocals emphasizes the theme of the song, giving you something to get lost in.

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