Don’t Forget To Breathe When Listening To Mad Nad Bo’s “To Matt”

After a 4-year break, Mad Nad Bo makes her presence known once again with her new song “To Matt”. “To Matt” is the first of several new tracks to be released in the near future.

The first note she hits throws you into an emotional whirlwind of heartbreak, rage, and sheer despair.

Not only does vocalist Nadine Schwizer’s distinct vocals captivate your attention, but so does Sandro Jordan’s guitar, which expresses just as many emotions.

You can tell that these two don’t merely synchronize in music. In a bluesy and emotive style, Mad Nad Bo’s new song “To Matt” depicts the narrative of an unpleasant sort-of relationship.

It’s a story with no happy ending, as many of us have known. But the song is more than just a narrative about being hurt; it’s also a message of empowerment.

The man who harmed front lady Nad is recognized and shamed – – “not more nor less than he deserves”, Nad adds with a mischievous grin.

“To Matt” is a big “F*** YOU” to the guy who caused her anguish, but also to the agony and sadness itself.

The song depicts the narrative of someone who has been injured but is now better off than before; it’s almost as if you’re suffering through Nad’s pain with her, just to feel better about it all afterward.

Since the release of Mad Nad Bo’s EP “Things Left Unsaid” in late 2017, things have been quiet around the singer and songwriter and her better half in music and in life, Sandro Jordan.

“I’m looking back at four years of work and just life coming in between all things musical”, Nad says. “But that doesn’t mean there were no new stories (or songs!) written during that time. Now it’s time for those to get out there and be told!”, she continues.

Nadine Schwizer, the band’s frontwoman and main songwriter, draws inspiration from her daily life, such as assisting young artists as part of the Swiss music competition “bandXost,” where she works as a project manager.

“My young colleagues and their motivation have made me want to become more active and release new music again, so that’s what I’m doing now!”, says Nad.

Mad Nad Bo is the first band fronted by Nadine Schwizer, alias Nad, a singer-songwriter. She is an old soul, a thinker, and her distinctive voice and heartfelt melodies never fail to stun.

Sandro Jordan on guitar and alternating band members on bass and percussion accompany her vocal melodies.

Listen to the song and follow her on social media via @madnadbo on all platforms.

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