Code and Chords: The Infinity Process Unleashes ‘Glitches’

Dive headfirst into a sonic realm where the skip of ancient vinyl meets the flicker of neon screens! “Glitches,” by The Infinity Process, plunges us into an auditory vortex that questions our very existence within life’s grand simulation. Bound together not just by their shared DNA but also through electrifying threads of music, this familial band laces darker tones with piercing melodics to construct something eerily beautiful and deeply unsettling.

It begins with Kimberly Tingley’s voice, which doesn’t just sing; it howls out to our pixelated shadows in this grand simulation we call existence. If her lyrics are spells cast into digital winds, then Jason’s guitar riffs are their thunderstorms: dark and resolute yet pierced ever so often by beams of melodic lightning. Brent Gfell controls rhythm as one might attempt to choreograph earthquakesᅳferociously unpredictable but intricately patterned underneath when you listen oh-so-closely.

The single “Glitches” speaksᅳit almost screamsᅳthe unease of being coded entities under technological surveillance where every heartbeat is tabulated for data points rather than felt emotions. Herein lies a paradoxical dance between resisting control while provoking thought through heavy string strums interlaced with electronic murmurs stolen from tomorrow’s whispersᅳan auditory maze designed meticulously at Chinchilla Lair.

Code and Chords: The Infinity Process Unleashes 'Glitches'
Code and Chords: The Infinity Process Unleashes ‘Glitches’

Somewhere within these throbbing beats lingers faint hopes battling fatalistic truths about artificial eyes always open, watching us love faultily because humanity never learned correctly even before metrics met fables in bedposts carved not from wood but wiresᅳand here stands John Fleischman’s video capturing all nuance beautifully stark amid pulsing screens showcasing Aaron Collins entangled intimately amidst lifelines he can neither sever nor entirely comprehend.

And still… after feelings fracture against implacable rhythms leaving sonic debris scattered across unquiet realms created intentionally disorientating blending contemporary chaos dressed gorgeously corrosiveᅳall sounds subside gently until they don’tᅳa reminder perhaps that no glitch lasts foreverᅳnot even those composed masterfully haunting.

To conclude simply – ‘Glitch’ etches vital conversations on silicon souls daring listeners live deeply digitized dilemmas sonically served raw vividly relentless. 

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