An Engaging Indie Odyssey’ on ‘Future Husband’s ‘Good Company’

The Netherlands-based Future Husband is back with “Good Company”, a magnetic combination of vocal and instrument tracks that takes you through a new but somehow familiar terrain. The track starts by capturing you right from the beginning such that it is unscripted, real and deeply rooted into one’s life.

Listen, “Good Company” has this effect on your brain, the sultry voice and the breathtaking instrumentation is soothing and evocative, it has the power to alter your feelings and that is something I love the song.

One thing that stands out is the storytelling ability that creates an impression of individual but at the same time interconnected history. The moment you hear this song, it grabs your attention and takes you on a true, very real journey which feels like straight down to earth.

This track is appealing because it has striking power which can make one be in awe of it. That is, it touches on that innate desire of everyone, making its musicscaping deeply moving and real. Future husband has a way with mixing up the cinematic style with the upbeat guitar music and smooth synthesizer.

“Good Company” is not just about song, but also it marks the debut entrance of Future Husband in the independent music scene. It is a charming stone calling for us to get immersed in its tunes and the magic sewn therein. It is a thrilling ride into the world of alternative music that you will want to experience repeatedly.

Listen to Good Company below


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