Alis Unveils ‘Jolo’: A Melting Pot of Global Vibes And Rhythms

Israeli songbird Alis collaborates with LaCrema & DJ Naomix in an afro-caribbean crossover “Jolo”.

Nestled at the crossroads of various cultures, Alis – a dynamic Israeli singer-songwriter and accomplished actress – is no stranger to bridging divides.

With a rich tapestry of heritage, drawing from her Ukrainian mother and Beninese father, she effortlessly weaves a multicultural narrative into her music.

Mastering four languages, Alis not only converses fluently across cultures but also sings her way into the hearts of millions, as her YouTube stats indicate.

Yet, Alis isn’t content to remain a sensation solely within Israel’s entertainment scape. With “Jolo,” her latest musical offering, she broadens her horizon, partnering with the Cuban sensation LaCrema and the electrifying DJ Naomix. This global alliance promises a song and a pulsating celebration of rhythms, beats, and cultures.

DJ Naomix, or Nao, as he was christened on the sunny shores of Guadeloupe, is a force to reckon with in the Caribbean and French club scenes.

More than just a DJ, he’s a maestro crafting beats that reverberate across dance floors and inspire fellow artists worldwide. His prowess in concocting instrumentals is unparalleled, making him a sought-after name in the world of music production.

“Jolo” is not merely a song; it’s an invitation. With its sun-soaked beats, catchy hooks, and vibrant energy, it beckons listeners to bask in its warmth on a sun-kissed beach, during a laid-back summer road trip, or amidst a boisterous dance party.

LaCrema’s voice effortlessly weaves the Afro essence into the song’s Latin underbelly, creating a rich tapestry of sound that resonates with global appeal.

Yet, the magic of “Jolo” isn’t confined to its audial brilliance alone. Its accompanying music video showcases the prodigious talents of “The Ghetto Kids” from Kampala’s Katwe slum.

These Ugandan wonders have previously illuminated screens worldwide with their stellar appearance in French Montana’s “Unforgettable” and dazzled audiences with their performance at the 2022 World Cup event in Qatar.

In “Jolo,” Alis, LaCrema, and DJ Naomix remind us that music, at its core, is a universal language. It breaks barriers, melds worlds, and above all, brings joy. Here’s to the hope that “Jolo” plays on repeat, not just on our devices, but in our hearts too.

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