Tags Apya (Spy dee)-TAKING OVER (Ksi boys )

Tag: Apya (Spy dee)-TAKING OVER (Ksi boys )

WONGYE INTERNATIONAL - YAABA (PRODBY. APYA) Download this new trending tune from WONGYE INTERNATIONAL . YAABA which literally means "WE ARE BACK" was produced by Apya of Apya Music Download and Share.
Rapkimilist, Phaize, Apya (Spy dee)-TAKING OVER (Ksi boys ). These guys I say are the Ksi Legends to be. Rapkimilist the Go away hitmaker and Phaize the Stammer Rapper went it hard on this dope tune. TeamNowOrNever and Apya music killed the instrumental from Kumasi bois Which featured grandfather of...