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Abusta-SMALL TIME(prodby Amagidon) Small Time is a song from Abusta De Rap Souja which talks about the Economy, the economy is difficult as we all know so he decided to do a motivation track for the youth. According to the untouchable rapper known as Abusta he believe that small time every Getho youth will make it big. He spat like never before one this track, gave out real,deep punchlines that you got to listen and feel the deep vibes in this tune DOWNLOAD: Abusta De Rap Souja (Small time)PRODUCED BY AMAGIDON
Armstrong - RISE OF THE SUN ft Baba Atta & Abusta(prodby Amagidon) THE RISE OF THE SUN is a song from ARMSTONG which talks about the new hot cake in the music industry. The industry is loaded with a lot of...