Tags 2016 election song

Tag: 2016 election song

KING XZIBIT - NO YAWA (OFFICIAL VIDEO) DIR.  PAPA SKY   King Xzibit - No Yawa (Official video) directed by Papa sky. Enjoy the visuals. It's all about peaceful election 2016.
DJ YOGA - GOLD COAST FT AMISKY & NARKIM (AFRO TRAP) The first Europeans to arrive at the coast were the Portuguese in 1471. They encountered a variety of African kingdoms, some of which controlled substantial deposits of gold in the soil. In 1482, the Portuguese built the Castle of Elmina,...
ALBERTO FT OLIVIERA -ASOMDWOE (MIXED BY NAYAS) the campagin is till on going for a peaceful election this year. most artiste have done their part as patrotic citizens and has released peaceful election songs for mother ghana as the campagin is still on alberto and oliviera as upcoming artistes and...
NEW VIDEO:  DO SOMETHING ALL STARS (OFFICIAL VIDEO ) ft Capasta Nero x Eunice Bra nyame Gemini Norvi Norvi Crazy Rat. It's an election year and we urge each and everyone to be vigilant. Don't fight for money! FIGHT FOR PEACE!!!!!!  
X-Tra Flourish -ASOMDWIE (Peace )ft Seyram Gh (prodby Anyemi and mixed by Eazy Key preaching Peace is like Preaching the word of God. This is a music for development that I fynk the NATIONAL PEACE COMMISSION to be up to fight a good battle. It's Almost election, we need Peace..........
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