Logvn Goes Beast Mode And Shows His “Dvrk Side”

There aren’t many rappers who do it as Logvn does and he proves his worth once again with his “Dvrk Side” and tells his story with Chvse.

The new single carries so much passion and energy which is supposed to keep your day running smoothly. This song talks about the difficulties he and Chvse had when they first started out in music.

Everything from being bullied in their quest to trying to balance it in their lives, to self-doubt and then conquering it all to come to where they find themselves now.

His flow is impeccable and really captures everything perfectly. His style is certainly out of this world.

Logvn was just named one of the top musicians in the country in the ‘Anno Domini Song Contest 2019’, competing against thousands of other artists.

Logan Newark began rapping under the moniker LOGVN and gained notoriety for his incredibly quickly, lyrical, and abrasive style, which was compared to those of Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Machine Gun Kelly.

Logvn’s music is mainly influenced by his own experiences. Logvn’s music is aimed to uplift those who are going through a terrible period and, perhaps, offer the fuel they need to conquer their own challenges.

Listen to the song below and follow him on social media via @logvnhiphop on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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