Lisa Murray Expresses Her Frustrations As She Is “Stuck On You”

As Lisa Murray has learned the hard way, loving someone who has committed their heart to another person may be challenging and even painful. This is something that Lisa Murray has experienced firsthand.

Her most recent track is titled “Stuck On You,” and it tackles a variety of issues, including the ones mentioned here.

She comes out as cheery, yet it is obvious that she is suffering and her displeasure is visible. It’s hard to fathom how she got to be so robust and energetic.

Her emotions are communicated through the song’s lyrics, which are reflected in the tempo, orchestration, dynamics, and harmony of the composition.

The production of the music is quite important in terms of making the emotions that are expressed in the lyrics more potent and cohesive.

The fact that she was able to compose this song in such a short amount of time is evidence of her extraordinary talent across the board. Her ability as a songwriter and a storyteller is incomparable to that of anyone else.

The music video was filmed in a mansion from the 18th century near Lisa’s childhood home in Ireland. Lisa and her partner Bogdan Hrechka directed the video, which was inspired by The Queen’s Gambit and also pays homage to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space and Mneskini’s Torna a Casa.

Lisa is a fierce feminist who is deeply concerned about problems like abortion rights, sexual assault, rape culture, the gender wage gap, and women’s lack of safety and support around the world.

We are certain you are going to enjoy every bit of this and yes, you should listen to the song and watch the video as well. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

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