Heather DeSanctis Says She Feels “Safe” With You In New Song

And who among us wouldn’t jump at the chance to share an experience like that with someone they care about? Everyone requires it in order to function properly.

American singer Heather DeSanctis has a voice that is very calming, and the themes of her songs revolve around the search for a partner with whom one can find healing.

She continues by elaborating on the ineffable sensation of being captivated by love and the process of forming a connection in which one may be honest about who they are.

During your journey to that state of perfect serenity, you will be accompanied by emotionally charged beats and catchy pop tunes that will stick with you.

In the song “Safe,” in which she sings about her love for a particular person, one can sense her authenticity as well as her beautiful voice. “Safe” also has lyrics about her love.

Heather DeSanctis’s voice is dreamy and beautiful, and she has a particular kind of compassion that comes through in her vocal performances of heartfelt melodies.

This gorgeous song is delivered with such passion and sexiness that you shouldn’t miss it. You won’t regret a single second of it.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.



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