Groove, Soul, and Social Commentary: The Zaramutas Shine in ‘Censored’

Without a doubt, “Censored” Album is the best work of the Zaramutas so far! Having their homeland in London, England, they are guitarists and vocalists who together has created a musical product to be absorbed by the listeners from the beginning to the end.

From the beginning to the end it is a straight drive where you find yourself tapping to the catchy beats and dancing to the energetic guitar licks. The album starts with the laid back and soulful “Overdue” which introduces us to all the highs and lows we are about to experience on this incredible journey.

Songs such as “Go!” and “The World of Friend Shame” creatively and passionately raise the critical social issues of the day, maintaining the same catchy melodies that will have you roaring them out of the rooftops.

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However, the song goes beyond the music;

However, the song goes beyond the music; this is a statement challenging the authorities to listen and take action for social justice and change. For every song, The Zaramutas invite listeners to become part of the revolution of ridding the world of its unjust status and accepting that music can also play a role in changing the world for the better.

In today’s world when the audience is demanding true and new experience, the Zaramutas have done no less than becoming true inventors, challenging boundaries of musical composition using rock, R&B, fusion and other styles. Reach your earphones, make the volume soar, and enjoy! “Censored”- an album that begs to be listened to.

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