“Duality II”: We Are To Blame’s Melodic Metal Mayhem

As the twilight glow of “Duality I” fades, We Are To Blame returns with ‘Duality II’, a six-track saga that’s like receiving a friendly punch from a velvet-gloved fist. Right out of the arctic chill, Alice Hartvig’s vocals are a beacon in the night, steering through stormy metal vortices with Johan Karlsson and Urban Granbacke’s dual guitar hurricanes.

The EP starts off running—no warm-up needed—and oh, does it soar! It’s anthemic; it’s like if Rebellion had a voice and could belt high Cs. These tracks aren’t just catchy, they’re your new guilty pleasure sing-alongs that your neighbours might file complaints about for all the right reasons.

We Are To Blame sprinkle this brief but mighty collection with rhythmic variety like chefs who’ve just discovered the spice rack. Prepare to be grilled by those power-packed punchy riffs served alongside melodic, saucy solos that can make even the most nonchalant foot tap.

"Duality II”: We Are To Blame's Melodic Metal Mayhem
“Duality II”: We Are To Blame’s Melodic Metal Mayhem

From galloping power metal grounds to intricate weaves of progressive metal – with a side order of melodic death metal sauce – these tunes melt into one another like constellations in an ever-expanding sonic universe. Each track is tempered by production that swaddles these fierce lullabies while keeping every snarl and shred crisp enough to cut through ice.

A second serving after their acclaimed ‘Duality I,’ this sequel shows no signs of a sophomore slump. When they say “we are to blame,” take it as more of an insistent recommendation than an admission. Because when you find yourself humming these melodies in inappropriate settings—remember where you heard them first. Cheers to being delightfully responsible for spreading an infectious bout of headbanging splendour!

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