Zoe Ferguson Unbridles Her Latest Single Namely ‘Calories’

While the Portland-based buzzing community Although Zoe Ferguson may be best known these days for being an in-demand social media influencer who always has her finger on the pulse, she has also spent the previous few years demonstrating that she is a very brilliant singer and songwriter.

She started creating her own songs when she was only 14 years old, and she has since developed a talent for producing catchy melodies that are enjoyed by a wide audience. She quickly taught herself to play the piano and started recording songs at home, then she started publishing them on SoundCloud. She did this because she found that music was therapeutic for her.

Zoe Ferguson seemed to have discovered her calling as an artist when her songs started getting a lot of attention, so she made the decision to keep honing her style and gradually carve out a niche for herself in the music industry.

It wasn’t long before listeners and seasoned professionals in the field began to take note of her smooth voice, outstanding way with words, and clear and simple sense of direction. Thanks to these qualities, it didn’t take long.

Zoe Ferguson’s status as an artist to keep an eye on was further cemented when Atlantic Records and APG found her shortly after she uploaded her initial demos to Soundcloud and invited her to participate in their famous EMERGE program.

Her enthusiasm for performance and composition continued to develop as she continued to bloom, and she spent more time in the studio working with an ever-more remarkable roster of colleagues. This fed the fire and finally led to the birth of her formal solo project in 2019.

Following the release of a number of singles that stood out from the crowd, Zoe Ferguson released her debut extended play (EP) titled “Probably About You” in September of 2021. The EP featured the singles “Christine” and “I’m OK,” both of which received praise from tastemakers all over the industry and served as a turning point in the young artist’s burgeoning career.

Since the release of “Probably About You,” Zo’s online profile has exploded, and she now has more than 350 thousand active fans who tune in from all around the globe on TikTok and Snapchat. The expectation for her new music is at an all-time high, and happily, the music that she has come to is without a doubt some of her greatest work to date. Since she now has new admirers along for the trip, the anticipation for her new music is at an all-time high.

In order to offer one of her most introspective and emancipating songs to this point, Zo delves deep and examines what lies behind the surface. Following the publication of a brief acoustic clip of her playing “Calories” on TikTok at the end of the previous year, the reaction was instant, and the clip soon went viral. Fans and strangers alike latched on to it and have been anxiously waiting for its release ever since then.

Zoe Ferguson unquestionably has the skill, passion, and work ethic to back up her claim that she has her finger on the pulse, as well as the ability to continually turn heads and demonstrate that she is an artist to watch at every step.

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