Zariyah Natalya Unlocks New Single She Dubbed ‘Repeat’

The city of Hampton, in the state of Virginia, is where Zariyah Natalya got her start. She started off her career as a musician by performing a soulful but different kind of R&B. Her talent is dependent on her being able to successfully experiment with a wide range of different styles within the R&B genre.

In 2017, while she was still a teenager, Za’Riyah made her official debut with the release of her song “Too Much Has Changed” which was produced by Nelson Leiro.

Her whole creative library, which spans the entirety of her musical career, is composed entirely of songs created by Za’Riyah alone. She makes the trip to a recording studio in Manhattan, New York, in order to have professional engineering done on her songs. This studio is responsible for the musical production of a number of artists who have gone on to earn platinum and Grammy awards for their work.

After the success of her first song, she released her first extended play (EP), titled “Transparency,” in the year 2020. The project represents her actual R&B core and enables listeners to go deep into the inspirations of R&B artists that emerged in the 1990s, such as Sade, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, and Musiq Soulchild, amongst others. It was the ambition of the project’s producers J-Luxx, Timothy Infinite, Nelson Leiro, and Tony Sway to create an experience similar to a movie, and they helped to make that a reality.

Zariyah Natalya’s 5 Song EP. Featuring a lyrical, beautiful, and soulful approach to R&B. While continuing to have a distinct alternate approach to her dynamic. Not settling on just one genre basis.

despite the fact that the song Repeat is heavily influenced by R&B from the 1990s. The use of powerful instruments contributes to the production of a cinematic mood. achieving an atmosphere that is both dark and cool while maintaining a seductive tone.

The words, which are also on the more profound side of things, leave it free for the listeners to take on the meaning in their own manner so that they may musically connect to her talent. On repeat, Za’Riyah demonstrates how versatile her vocal talents can be by letting a wide range of her range of vocal abilities come through while fluidly following the rhythm. Layering in additional pieces while maintaining a seamless appearance throughout the process.

Endangered the EP really adds a lot of new things to the diversity of the band. By participating in this initiative, Zariyah pushes the boundaries of her artistic ability to new heights. Notable comments include her song “That’s Life,” which is a lively, enjoyable R&B/Pop single that is nonetheless loaded with serious content but in a forceful perspective.

Due to the fact that Zariyah’s family is originally from Trinidad, the song “Half & Half” has more of a Caribbean feel to it. This gives the artist the opportunity to pay tribute to her relatives, while also providing us with a tune to dance to that has an R&B/Reggaeton vibe. The totality of her endeavour provides us with something fresh and thrilling to anticipate, yet at the same time, it leaves us guessing about what comes next.

Za’Riyah desires to have a viewpoint that is creative and passionate, one that welcomes the truth of her own experiences as well as the observations she makes of the lives of others. Eightrokeboy, Nelson Leiro, and Masked Man contributed to the development of Za’Riyah’s most recent effort, titled “Endangered”

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