Yvonne Nelson Slams Men On Father’s Day


Yvonne Nelson Slams Men On Father’s Day

Celebrated Ghanaian actress cum producer, Yvonne Nelson, has given an advice to all men out there on Father’s Day.

Today is Father’s Day and fathers or men all over world are being celebrated.

A number of men have neglected their children, some for obvious reasons, some for reasons best known to me.

All the same, it just isn’t right to leave behind your own child without catering for him/her.

Yvonne Nelson Slams Men On Father's Day
Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson in her latest tweet, has cautioned all men to protect themselves if they are truly not ready to father a child.

She lamented that, such men are the reasons why there are many broken families out there.

Yvonne Nelson also went on to say that if you are man and you haven’t put in any work, today is certainly not your day.

Her full tweet read, “To the men, if you arent TRULY ready to be in a child’s life, F*cking protect yourselves, you are the reason for so many broken families and kids out there! A man’s world??? Today isnt your day if you havnt put in any work”

Good one there from Yvonne Nelson. Thumbs up for this one!!!

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