Yaw Dabo’s Alleged Baby Mama Speaks Again


Yaw Dabo’s Alleged Baby Mama Speaks Again

In these past few days, a lot of things have happened and the brouhaha surrounding Kumawood actor, Yaw Dabo, is no exception.

There have been reports flying around that, a woman who claimed to be the mother of Yaw Dabo’s son has been trending in recent times.

In a viral video, she urged the actor to live up to his responsibilities as the father of the young boy he has abandoned for years.

Akua Adom claimed when she got pregnant for Yaw Dabo, he told her things were not going on well smoothly at the time.

Thus, she shouldn’t mention his name as the man responsible for the pregnancy and she gladly did that.

Yaw Dabo’s Alleged Baby Mama Speaks Again
Yaw Dabo

After becoming the man that he is now, Yaw Dabo has refused to take care of his son. According to her, Yaw Dabo’s hasn’t seen his son before.

Since he is popular now, she said he should assume his responsibilities as a father of the boy and that, she doesn’t need his money or marriage.

Well, the alleged baby mama has spoken again and it seems the story has taken another turn. Relax and watch!!!

In an interview with Zion Felix on his “Uncut”, she made it clear that, the “Yaw Dabo” she referred to was not the Kumawood actor.

Yaw Dabo’s Alleged Baby Mama Speaks Again
Yaw Dabo, Alleged baby mama and son

She noted that, Yaw Dabo was the name of a character in a yet to released short movie dubbed “Dabo In trouble” and that was his role.

She however indicated that, she never dreamt this was going to be the turn out because that wasn’t the initial plan.

On if she knew the real Yaw Dado personally, she said “Noo, I have never met Yaw before. Although I like him and his movies, I have never met him in person.

I am also hoping to meet him on set and since we roam and all that, I know I will definitely meet him one day”, she added.

So now you know! This is one of those publicity stunts and there you have it!!


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