Willjoy’s Debute Album “One Coin Two Sides”

Willjoy is a solo artist hailing from Pori in Finland. A musician who incorporates rock & roll, funk, electronic dance music, and synthesisers into his sound. Willjoy’s vocal performances are dripping with attitude, and his lyrics are full of life lessons that anyone can relate to regardless of their background. Willjoy was born in the late 1980s, and one can unmistakably hear the influences of that decade, albeit with a contemporary spin and flavour.

Willjoy's Debute Album "One Coin Two Sides"
Willjoy’s Debute Album “One Coin Two Sides”

Willjoy’s resolve to reconsider his life choices was inspired by the passing of his father from cancer about the same time when Covid emerged on the scene. He gave up his day job and started writing music as a form of therapy, despite the fact that he had no training in music. Following the realisation that music was his true calling in life and his life’s true love, he was able to fill the gaps in his spirit through its exploration. “I have so many stories and messages to share and music is my medium to deliver them.” Willjoy added.


Willjoy is a talented musician who counts Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, RHCP, and Calvin Harris as his musical heroes and inspirations. Because he possesses such a high level of talent, he was able to produce his first album, which bears the title “One Coin, Two Sides” and contains thirteen songs that are masterfully crafted. The album is more electronic, has an influence from electronic dance music (EDM), and harkens back to the 1980s.

The production of “One Coin, Two Sides” has a particular quality, with an uplifting melody in the chorus; this sense of balancing is remarkable, and it is one of the album’s most notable aspects. The album never has the impression of being cluttered or rushed, and the speed seems natural throughout.

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