Will Conn Makes Reference In His New Song “Not Mad”

This song, like many others, has a tendency to narrate the stories of other people as though they were our own experiences, however, this song is an exception to the rule.

It should be obvious why this is the case. This song was written by Will Conn, a singer-songwriter who is 23 years old and is influenced by pop music. He wrote the song from the perspective of a buddy.

This particular acquaintance was going through a challenging relationship at the time “Not Mad” was written and couldn’t seem to get a break from the situation.

Because of his demeanor, it appears as though he was the one who was caught up in that incident. How on earth can he sing so beautifully?

The lyrics of the song paint a realistic picture of a situation, and he makes full use of the chance to highlight everything that is going on in the setting.

Regardless of what you perceive about it, this will be the case because it seeks to encourage introspective thought and cultivate intimate attachment.

The singer from Australia exhibits an unequaled commitment to music, especially songwriting. His main objective is to get his music out and have his followers appreciate it.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Tik Tok and Instagram.



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