Wiesinger Collaborated With Jessa Sky On Latest Single ‘Just Give Up’

Canadian award-winning novelist, cameraman, and entrepreneur Wiesinger is now a hope-dealing musician as well as a musician.

Justin’s portfolio life has always included music. When he was struggling with mental illness, hospitalizations, and the death of a close relative, he turned to music and acoustic guitar as a means of self-medicating.

He describes how creating music and lyrics helped him come out of a bad place and even saved his life. At a youth camp, where he taught music and did songwriting workshops with youngsters, he penned a number of songs along with them.

It was during a period of self-imposed exile from the music industry that his close buddy decided to pursue music as a full-time career and required someone to film and edit all of his YouTube music video covers.

For a time, his solo musical endeavours had taken a second seat to his other priorities. Justin worked as a music video director in his hometown and region for almost five and a half years.

Wiesinger Collaborated With Jessa Sky On Latest Single 'Just Give Up'
Wiesinger Collaborated With Jessa Sky On Latest Single ‘Just Give Up’

He was motivated to create a gripping memoir of his early years navigating a wild screwed-up adult world by his collection of both painful and humorous childhood events. A Gold Medal for finest Inspirational and Spiritual book has been awarded to his book, The Childlike Heist, throughout North America.

At midnight in 2021, Justin decided to follow his dream of being a full-time pop musician and songwriter by making the leap of faith. He is eager to show the world what it looks like to be a passionate dealer in hope and an active collaborator with other up-and-coming musicians and producers in 2015.

It is Wiesinger’s goal to show the world what it looks like to be a passionate trader in hope via exciting collaborations, most notably by joining up with Indigenous pop musician Jessa Sky, who believes that music has the ability to heal the world as it has healed her own.

“Just Give Up,” the band’s inspiring hit, with a chorus that exhorts listeners to never give up faith that things will turn out better. Ultimately, every setback is nothing more than a veiled setup for a more successful or successful future.

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