Why not let the world know you are gorgeous

Why not let the world know you are gorgeous

Stand out as a lady

Women are tendentious in terms of what they wear, they always want to look gorgeous. Yesterday I gave some 15 tips on how to slay that gentleman looks, and today it’s in favor of the ladies. Men are mostly attracted to a ladies who look good. For the woman whose leadership role is a bit less stellar, but still in the spotlight, here is a short list of style tips that will help ensure your audience discusses your comments rather than your couture:

Here are 15 tips to help you stand out:


1. Go for balance between being attractive and powerful.

“To achieve a balance has a lot to do with the totality of clothes, grooming and attitude. The hair has to be shiny and vibrant, the makeup flawless and the clothes should be clean, well pressed and fit perfectly,” says Oppenheimer. Power is sexy – remember the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who wore “power” as well as she wore her legendary pearls.


2. Be “fashionable,” but not “trendy.”

“Women in a leadership role should be classic and perfectly put together,” advises Oppenheimer. “Clean lines, perfect tailoring and exquisite fabric transcend time and trends.” In short, it’s worth spending a little money on your clothes – a point also made in another quote from Polonius’s advice to his Paris-bound son:


“Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,

But not express’d in fancy; rich, not gaudy.”



3. Think color

“All shades of red, preferably a blue-red, and black convey leadership and power,” says Oppenheimer. “Avoid yellow, unless you want to look like a bird.” You should be able to blend colors, from head to toe your outfit should stand out, and a perfect way of doing this is to know which colors to wear to a particular place at a given time. We know black and white to be a universal color, what of red, blue, brown and the other colors. You wouldn’t like to look like a clown when you go out, so I suggest to find someone to help you thus if you need help and want to stand out

Blend colors

Blend colors

4. Adapt to your environment

including the casual chic of today’s start-ups. “If everybody wears jeans, find a pair of jeans you look good in, and make sure they fit well,” Oppenheimer suggests. “In many of these types of informal settings, jeans, tee-shirt and jacket – all very fashionable of course – can work very well. But white shirts, sweater sets, or a little dress are also sometimes appropriate. You can be casual chic and “in charge” without wearing a suit.”


5. Adapt “day-for-night” style.

You can indeed go from office to dinner with the right moves. “You start by refreshing your makeup, put on heels instead of flats, and change other accessories such as scarves and jewelry,” says Oppenheimer.


6. It’s about projecting YOU.

“It all depends on what fits best and projects an appropriate image that you will look and feel relaxed in,” says Oppenheimer. “The key is to remember that the woman wears the clothes, the clothes don’t wear the woman.”



And as Polonius reminded his Paris-bound son, projecting the right and true image does more than make you look good in the spotlight. It can make you a better leader overall:


“This above all: to thine ownself be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man.”


7. If You Find A gorgeous Look That Works, Stick With It:

Michael Kors has found his signature look of T-shirts and jeans with sunglasses, and it works for him. So if you find yourself in an outfit that you go-to day after day, why not make it your signature look?


8. Don’t Pretend It Fits:

We’ve all been there, standing in the dressing room and convincing ourselves that the button will magically stay closed when we get home (and then, of course, it doesn’t). These are the times where we have to accept that our bodies have changed in one way or another, and buy clothes that fit. Because you know what happens to the clothes that don’t fit


9. Pay Attention To Washing Labels:

Remember that time you threw two ‘delicate’ shirts in the washer and they came out the size of a Cabbage Patch Doll’s wardrobe? Yeah, oops. We can avoid that by following the instructions that they apply on our clothing to keeps them the size we started with.

Pay close attention to washing labels

Pay close attention to washing labels

10. If Your Weight Changes A Lot, Update Your Wardrobe:

This goes back to the point of not pretending things fit when they don’t. It’s important to make sure our clothing fits, and though it’s hard to admit that you’ve gained weight (trust us, we struggle with this) or when you’ve lost weight, you can ignore the fact and stick with the same baggy clothes. Either way, it’s kind of a fun reason to update your wardrobe.


11. Alter Your Clothing:

It’s important when you’re investing in articles of clothing that become staples, like blazers and pants, that you have them tailored. It will ensure your money is well-spent, will make the piece that much more special and will make you feel great every time you wear it. After all, it only fits you.


12. Resole Shoes That You Love:

If you have a pair of adored shoes you have worn straight into the ground, why not spend some money getting them fixed rather than finding another pair that will never be quite the same? Naturally, this is more important when you have spent more money on the shoes initially, rather than a cheap pair of flats from Forever 21 or something similar.

Resole old shoes

Resole old shoes


13. Watches Are Timeless:

Sometimes the thought of throwing on an arm party first thing in the morning can be intimidating, which is why watches are awesome. They are classic and can represent your personality. And if you invest in a good one, it could last you a lifetime.

Watches are perfect touches

14. Denim Is Your Best Friend:

A good pair of jeans can change everything. As can a denim button-up or denim jacket. It is the best staple to have hanging in your closet, making any outfit casual (in the best possible way). A perfect pair of skinny jeans can take any top and make it look awesome, an easy way to look pulled together in an instant.

Denim jeans

Denim jeans

15. Don’t Buy Trends That Don’t Suit Your Body Type:

There are trends that we say ‘I could never wear that’ because it’s too bold or daring, but there are also trends that we see and instantly know that they aren’t for our body type. No matter what people say about being able to pull anything off if you have confidence, if you see something and don’t think it will work for you, it probably won’t.


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