Who’s Dat, That is Kid Koi with A Brand New Song

Sota Koike, singer, composer, and guitarist, was born on Manhattan’s lower east side, where he acquired an interest in music. Sota Koike had strong interest in music from young age. While other children were busy playing, Kid Koi enrolled at the 3rd St. Music Academy, where he studied music for the rest of his life, and later adopted the name Kid koi.


He later graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with degree in guitar performance. 
Listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan/Jimi Hendrix recordings provided him with lot of inspiration. 
Kid Koi also allowed himself to be taught by other artists, which helped him develop an in-depth understanding of music theory. 
Most of Kota’s music is inspired, however, he enjoys listening to Blues, Classic Rock, and Hip-Hop.


After achieving recognition in his area by performing with his band on five-show west coast tour, he was given the opportunity to perform at the troubadour. KidKoi is an influential figure on social media, particularly TikTok, where he shared the majority of his live streams with his global following.

He tailors his music to each individual, and his lyrics have the capacity to inspire and convey a tale, forming a symbiotic relationship and functioning as a light for the lost in society.

The majority of his work digs into the principles of love in order to help audiences understand what it means to receive and, more importantly, give love. He recognizes that there is no quick answer for all of the world’s troubles, but that healing begins with love for oneself and others.

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Who’s Dat, That is Kid Koi with A Brand New Song

Sota’s amazing lyrics strive to improve the lives of others by mending them with calming music, which motivates him to commit all of his time, effort, and energy to music creation. Rather than simply being a part of a trend, Kid Koiwants to be remembered as one of the greatest composers who has walked the earth’s surface.

Not only does he enjoy music, but he also enjoys sports such as baseball and basketball. One of his other passions is to travel around the world to discover other places and draw inspiration because he has a great love for nature and aims to meet new people, experience different cultures, and enjoy life as he lives!

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