When Parenting Styles Differ – How To Cope As Parents

When Parenting Styles Differ – How To Cope As Parents

When Parenting Styles Differ - How To Cope As Parents

It is not alien for a couple to have different parenting styles as we were all brought up from different homes. Subconsciously most people adapt their parenting styles from the home they were brought up in, thus they treat their children the same way they were treated, believing that is the best way since it has brought them this far.

But sometimes this becomes a problem, different parenting styles has caused many marriages to collapse, as each person believes his /her is the best for the child/children. This usually forces the child to be attached to one making the other parent feel out of place.

When Parenting Styles Differ - How To Cope As Parents

Do not argue in the presence of your children

But actually having different parenting styles is good for child upbring. This gives children a wider view of grown-up values and a chance to have a special relationship with each parent. As long as parents come together as a united front, it’s healthy.

Coping with different parenting styles

Coping With Different Parenting Styles

What can couples with different parenting styles do to help their kids thrive? Here are some offers for moms and dads:

Get counseling. A professional therapist can help both parents understand how their upbringing drives their parenting styles, as well as how to handle disagreements in a healthy way.

Keep the kids out of it. Asking children to take sides — or arguing in front of them — is incredibly destructive. Instead, agree to disagree later, when the kids are out of earshot.

Read all about it. Here are some recommended books to help parents Between Parent and Child by Haim G. Ginott, MD, and Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child by John Gottman, PhD, with Joan Declaire

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