Wes Nelson Releases Two-Track Single “3 Words”

When Wes Nelson wrote this song, your satisfaction as an audience member was a primary consideration; as a result, he didn’t settle for anything less than his absolute best effort.

The new project, which is a two-track single and is titled “3 Words (Message To My Ex)/ Message From My Ex,” is straightforward and unfiltered in its current form.

The music has just been released, and he uses some seductive undertones to help fire our minds into a frenzy. He has a tendency to surround the song with a pleasant atmosphere that he creates himself.

The voices used by Wes are highly contagious, but this track in particular leaves you with a sweet aftertaste that you simply can’t shake because it has a memorable hook and a captivating chorus.

It is a burst of electrifying ability that is coupled with a discovery that is humbling, and the amount of that power that drives him is very clear from both the tone of his voice and the manner in which he speaks.

In “Message To My Ex,” Wes is fuelled by anger and anguish as he remembers happy times together and mulls over his unrequited love, but in “Message From My Ex,” he has moved on from those negative emotions and is filled with hope.

The accompanying music video is a visual feast, with the director remaining faithful to the song’s lyrics and meaning.

He has consistently worked to become one of the most successful singers, and as a result, his three tracks have become hits in more than ten nations around the world, amassing more than 1.2 billion streams worldwide.

Listen to the song below and follow Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

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