Welcome The BiConic Star Penelope

You may recall PENELOPE from The Voice in 2021, but in addition to organizing and fronting the bisexual float for this year’s Sydney Mardi Gras, she is a bicon on Oxford Street and frequently performs small-scale events for her local admirers.

With stigmas around identifying as bisexual remain present both inside and beyond the LGBTQI+ community, it is uncommon to see openly bisexual women in Australian media or music.

PENELOPE’s newest pop hit, BiConic, features strong vocals, captivating melodies, and poignant lyrics that accurately capture the reality of the Bi+ community.

Written to uplift and celebrate how unique the Bi+ community are and encourage all who fall under the Bi+ umbrella to continue to proudly be themselves. Bisexuality is not a holding space between straight and gay, it is a space all on its own..

After releasing her most recent hit, BiConic, and selling out her first headline performance at Universal on September 16, this dynamic diva has generated quite the buzz. Penelope is approaching quickly and is prepared to support you as you proudly stand in your truth, whatever it may be.


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