We Three Dish Out New Single “Kissin’ When We’re Mad”

We Three Dish Out New Single “Kissin’ When We’re Mad”

We Three altered their R&B grooves, harmonies, and abilities to fit this musical genre as they are out with this new song “Kissin’ When We’re Mad”.

The song is the result of vocalist, composer, and producer Manny Humlie’s desire to pen deeply emotional lyrics from the heart, a quality that has continually resonated with an ever-growing audience.

It seeks to investigate the ups and downs of relationships, but those weighty issues are occasionally mixed with humor and self-deprecation.

They want to put you in a good scenario as you pay closer attention, and We Three’s unparalleled vocal abilities and particular style are unrivaled.

The song makes a great reappearance, singing his finest and effortlessly meandering, the latest single has a really intimate setting.

The video for the song combines the top delivery as well as a telling of the song’s storyline and its closing scene has a will they or won’t they suspense.

The group has come so far as far the music is concerned and they intend churning more good songs like this one. Look forward to this some more! An European tour is soon happening.

Listen to the song and watch the video too. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

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