Wayne Merdinger Shares A Very Powerful Album Dubbed ‘Troubadour’

Wayne Merdinger is a singer, songwriter, and composer who aims to create songs with meaningful words and a wide range of musical styles that appeal to fans of classic rock and ballads.

Wayne is a masterful storyteller, an inventive composer, and a brilliant singer whose voice is well-suited to his repertoire, all of which he attributes to his inspiration from the renowned performers of the 1960s and 1970s.

A self-taught pianist and guitarist for the most part of his adult life, he can’t put into words the feeling of witnessing a song he wrote come to life in the studio and grow into something that others love listening to for the first time.

Wayne’s kids encouraged him to finally make a living as a musician after spending 25 years penning songs but never recorded them. Some of the songs on his first album, “The Music Lives On” were composed in that decade.

Wayne Merdinger Shares A Very Powerful Album Dubbed 'Troubadour'
Wayne Merdinger Shares A Very Powerful Album Dubbed ‘Troubadour’

One of the joys of his adult life came in 2014, when, via the connections of a great friend, he took a private tour of the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, a dream come true for a lifelong fan of the Beatles.

The extraordinary creation tale of Wayne Merdinger’s music dates back to 1970, and the new “Troubadour” EP he released this year is brimming with his own musical DNA. While artists often celebrate the legacies of their inspirations, genuine friendships and meaningful creative collaborations with these figures are much more uncommon.

Wayne Merdinger’s talents as a musician are on full display throughout this Ep. His use of retro production and songwriting techniques transports us, the listeners, to another era.

In particular, Wayne’s songs will appeal to those who like listening to rock ballads from the past. His tenacity is remarkable, and the wisdom of a lifetime is reflected in his songwriting.

The title tune is autobiographical, “Waiting For the Love” which was inspired by the present situation in Ukraine (Wayne is 25% Ukrainian), and “It’s Gonna Be Okay” is a parent’s viewpoint on letting go of grown children.

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