WAYA: A New Way To Send Money To Ghana From Kenya

WAYA: A New Way To Send Money To Ghana From Kenya

If you live in Kenya then you’ll know sending money to someone outside Kenya can be quite difficult, especially if you are sending to countries far from Kenya, by far from Kenya I mean countries in West Africa, countries like Ghana.
Now in my search for a way to send money to Ghana, I came across a number of solutions and the best so far has been Waya. “Waya Money” or “Waya” as they call it, is an African-based fintech company seeking to make payments easier and faster in Africa with its technology.
Currently, it has an Android mobile app, available on Google Play as “Waya” and also as a web app. You can sign up online at www.wayamoney.com.
To send money from Kenya to Ghana, you need to go through the due process of creating a Waya account, this includes a comprehensive KYC process. Once you have created an account, simply add your M-PESA as a fund source under your profile page.
With a fund source successfully added, you can simply search in the app (mobile & web) for any Ghanaian number in your contacts list. You will be able to enter an amount, see how much the person in Ghana will receive and the exchange rate Waya is using at that point in time for your transfer.
Once you click “SEND” an SDK push notification is sent to your M-PESA number. Simply enter your PIN to approve the transaction. The recipient receives the money instantly. Yes, as simple as that.
The recipient in Ghana does not even need to have Waya installed as an app. Also, should the transaction fail at any point with the money successfully debited from you, a representative of Waya will reach out to you via whatsapp or email or phone call to initiate a refund process. So
with Waya your money is always secured. Sending money to Ghana from Kenya? Try out Waya.
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