Ghanaian pastors have finally succeeded in doing what even Jesus Christ couldn’t do when He was on earth, you sometimes wonder if these pastors are truly from God or agents of Satan. They keep doing weird things all in the name of healing not forgetting extortion of money from their poor church members.

Ghanaian ‘man of God’ by name, prophet Nana Poku is currently trending on the internet for what could be called weird and unusual methods of healing.

In a video the prophet is entangled in the web of k*ssing, touching and fondling of breasts of female church members with the view of healing them of their ailments.

Mind you, it is not just a k*ss on the cheek but deep k*ssing which lasts for about 25 seconds, fondling of the breasts is also not left out as he is seen fondling breasts of members.

From the video, he only sits on the old women when he is healing them of their ailments.

Surprisingly, Prophet Nana Poku is a Ghanaian-South Africa based and he is the head of Kingdom Prayer Ministry International based in Rustenburg.

Watch video.

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