War against plagiarism Joseph caught in the act

War against plagiarism Joseph caught in the act


War Against Plagiarism
Joseph The Plagiarist.

On October 2, 2017, Mr. Stephen Eneji Toluwalashe (Soul’e Rhymez) published an article in commemoration of the independence celebration titled ‘NIGERIA@57 : WHO DAT ONE EPP ?’. This article went so viral due to its mind blowing contents and is however shocking that one Joseph whose surname is unknown decided to reap from where he did not sow. He had cleared off the author’s name and even broadcasted it into his groups while receiving flamboyant commendations proudly. Just when Mach Anthony’s case died down, here is another heinous case.
Soul’e Rhymez had reportedly chatted this man up but Joseph bluffed him off with the “whatever” derogatory remark. This prompted the wounded victim to consult WAP.

Joseph the theif

Joseph the theif

As of then, the name of this plagiarist was quite oblivious. I however built a friendly environment with him in order to get his name. He was a fool, a skilled plagiarist who drowned in his own pool of plagiarism.

The leader of WAP spy team – Akintola Timothy also chatted the man up for a peaceful resolution but was met by insults and even a threat to block him off.

This inadvertently proves that Joseph is an unrepentant criminal who definitely have been in this realm for long, uncaught by the law.
Nemesis has caught up with Joseph and this is to declare to the larger community that with all evidences gathered, he is never and can never be the genuine writer of Nigeria@57: Who dat one epp ? He is but a word robber who is unwilling to sip the tea of humility and inevitably, would get skinned alive by the flames of WAP. We shall leave no stone unturned in exposing and expunging hardened criminals like Joseph the plagiarist. It is however re-affirmed that Soul’e Rhymez is the original author of the article.

Beware of plagiarists.
Beware of Joseph.
Beware of word-robbery.

©Balogun Yusuf Gemini
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