Wai Lana Preaches About Nature In ‘She Speaks Sign Language’

Wai Lana Preaches About Nature In 'She Speaks Sign Language'

Wai Lana Preaches About Nature In ‘She Speaks Sign Language’

Wai Lana is the yoga instructor for you if you’re seeking someone who will not only teach you the technique of yoga but also lead you on a life-changing spiritual trip. Wai Lana has been practising yoga for more than four decades and has aided many individuals all around the world with her Wai Lana Yoga TV show, music videos, and spiritual teachings. Her life’s mission has been to bring the ancient yoga practice to individuals of different cultures, faiths, and professions, and she has been extremely successful in this endeavour.


She was nurtured in contemporary culture, having been born in the dynamic metropolis of Hong Kong (China) in the year 1955. She had a great deal of anxiety, emptiness, and unease. She has several life experiences that demonstrated that life is full of conflict and pain. She is 63 years old and presently resides in Hawaii.

Wai Lana’s presentations include creative music that is both calming and relaxing while yet being energetic and exciting. Wai Lana’s lovely songs and music videos are inspired by and imbued with classic yoga teachings, and they shine with her warm heart and enthusiasm. Wai Lana’s songs are both entertaining and meditative, with a unique blend of fascinating music and intriguing words. They are genuine heartfelt tunes.

Wai Lana created her popular “Namaste” music video last year to commemorate the first-ever International Yoga Day on June 21, 2015. She composed the Namaste song to remind us of “one of yoga’s most important lessons—humility and respect for others.” “Namaste” was included in a one-hour PBS series titled “Wai Lana Yoga for a Better Life & a Better World,” which broadcast nationally. “Namaste” was also presented at the United Nations’ flagship event at their headquarters in New York City, which was streamed live to tens of thousands of yoga enthusiasts gathering in Times Square. It has subsequently been seen millions of times on YouTube and other platforms worldwide.

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