VTA Shares Hard-Hitting New Single ‘Deep in the Street’

The drill artist VTA, who is located in Western Sydney, has recently unveiled his tough new single titled “Deep in the Street”.

The commanding and throbbing hip-hop track is known as “Deep in the Street” features VTA’s forceful delivery, which is supported by the rhythmic underpinning of delicately plucked acoustic guitar, room-shaking kick drums, and cutting snares.

Growing up in the Western Sydney suburb of Mount Druitt, I experienced more of life’s downs than ups. With incarceration an imminent result from the streets, I chose to be the master of my image, and with the help of my friends, we started what is now known as B.A.M Records.


I am looking to share the rawness of the street and the realness of my experiences with people through my music. From my experience in the streets, I think now, for me, it’s about sharing the streets without being in them, and with ‘Deep in the Street’, I think it’s important for people to understand streets have no borders.

While the song progresses, VTA’s cadence becomes more vicious as chanting background voices and silky vocal samples are added. This easily condenses a potent and sincere example of an Australian drill.

Additionally included in this release is The Last Addition’s stunning accompanying music video, which they created and filmed themselves. The video was recorded in many locations around Western Sydney, including Claymore, Lalor Park, and Blacktown.

VTA explains the thought process behind the clip’s shots,

I wanted to show different areas and locations that are important to me and other members of the label. We also just wanted to show that having different areas and boys can create something special, even another rap group, The 046 came to show support for us which was very appreciated.

It is beautifully produced, making use of slow motion and innovative transitions to accentuate the high-quality imagery.

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