Virginia Marcs Stuns Us With “This Time”

Virginia Marcs has come out with a great release called “This Time,” a swing beat-driven, stormy ballad that will make even the most devoted wallflowers want to nod their heads. This single showcases Marcs’ singing ability and her impressively potent melodicism.

Virginia Marcs’ indie-pop songs feature seductive vocals and honest stories. Idlewild Magazine took notice of her for the first time in 2016, and she has since been compared to Tori Amos, Daughter, Marissa Nadler, and Jeff Buckley. Climbing the Wall was her debut record, back in 2017. She followed up with her music videos for “Wild” and “I Need You,” produced in tandem with director and MTV VMA-winning editor Alexander Hammer (Beyoncé, Lizzo).

Virginia Marcs Stuns Us With "This Time"
Virginia Marcs Stuns Us With “This Time”

Photo credits: Sabrina Asch

With “This Time,” Virginia Marcs lures us into the depths of despair before stunning us with her blazing triumph. She anchors herself in a profound honesty, raw, sensitive and fierce all at once. The classically trained siren begins with a smug grin at the outset of the video, her third collaboration with filmmaker Alexander Hammer. Virginia’s dramatic metamorphosis from fragile goddess to angry tyrant commands everyone’s undivided attention.

Marcs’ goal for this anthemic single release is to inspire inner strength and courage, especially for other women, to overcome the moments that feel the darkest – and maybe raise an eyebrow and have a laugh along the way. “This song is incredibly healing for me and I hope it offers that to the world as well.” – said Virginia.

There are three more videos in the works for her EP, Reckoning, which drops in 2023. You may listen to Virginia on most streaming services or check out Amy Schumer’s Expecting Amy to hear her familiar voice in “You Were Right” which aired in episode 1 on HBO Max.

I think listeners will miss out on a special opportunity if they don’t give Virginia Marcs a chance this season. There are many interesting indie folk artists and singer/songwriters around the States making good music right now, but I’m excited to see where Virginia’s incredible talent takes her next.

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