Vernis Rouge – Avant Que (Official Video)

In the new wave of French pop, Vernis Rouge, a 23-year-old Franco-Lebanese independent artist, has a keen pen and is equally at home in an acoustic or electronic configuration.

Vernis Rouge is first and foremost a search for one’s own identity and the long-ignored femininity of one’s own time. Manon, the younger sister of two older brothers, was more used to fighting than playing with dolls. Today, cruelty has been transformed into independence and determination, with a dash of sweetness and sensuality thrown in for good measure.

All of these tastes come together in Vernis Rouge, which was inspired by a childhood spent in Lebanon, interrupted by a traumatic return.

“Femme nue” a first-of-its-kind lyrical and catchy piece, was revealed by the artist at the tail end of 2019 and features seductive vocals and exuberant piano performance.

A French pop song with electronic overtones, Vernis Rouge exposes the painful truth of longing in this song.

In early 2020, she will release her second single, “Et si l’on se noie,” with more organic production, a romantic and carefree pop-folk that gently counterbalances the more electrifying dynamics of its first title, and whose eclectic inspiration is reminiscent of the TLCs and others Justin Timberlakes.

During the summer of 2021, she will perform an acoustic “undressed” version of her first song “Femme nue,” embellished by the game of its three musicians and accompanied by an accompanying video, at La Cartonnerie.

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