Venna Talks About Toxic Relationships In Latest Single ‘Only’

Venna is a Canadian singer-songwriter, poet, and aspiring novelist who hails from Edmonton, Alberta. Vienna’s music may be found on her SoundCloud page.

She is significantly inspired by strong female pop singers such as Banks and Billie Eilish, and she derives a considerable amount of inspiration from renowned poets such as Edgar Allan Poe.

Venna aspires to be the kind of artist that can have an effect on her audience in a manner that is genuine, unrestrained, and enduring. Venna (then Shay Esposito) had already combined her love of singing and her love of writing by the time she was 12 years old.

This culminated in the release of her first full-length album, ‘For Annie’ in June 2014 (age 16), and her second full-length album, ‘Sunday’ in 2017; both albums were self-released (Age 19).

She has a deep appreciation for the power that music has to bring about transformation and self-awareness, and she aspires to be the kind of artist who can both fascinate and connect with the people who listen to her music.

Her enthusiasm for lyricism that evokes emotion stems from her belief that music has the ability to be transformative.

The dynamics of an unhealthy relationship served as the impetus for the new track “Only”. This song examines how infidelity may become a weapon when it is used in a power struggle between two individuals who have both been harmed in the past and who are trying to gain control over one another.

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