Venior Shares Her Latest Single ‘Feed My Mind’

As a painter, sculptor, and “trashion designer” Venior is now located in Berlin where she is working on a new art project.

As a young girl, Venior spent her summers on a little island in the archipelago without power or running water. She was born beneath the full moon in Helsinki.

A few years after learning how to play the piano at the age of six, she began writing songs of her own. After deciding at the tender age of 11 that she wanted to be a full-time artist, she has never looked back. After graduating from high school, she left her family and friends behind to pursue her dreams of being a professional artist.

Venior travelled to Stockholm and then London where he collaborated with musicians from all around the globe in the studio.

Colouring the worldview that has infected mankind and continues to wreak havoc on our planet’s ecosystems. For the sake of all life on Earth, it’s time to restore harmony. This is how Venior thinks.

Freeky Punky Pop is Venior’s self-described style. She creates a strange and colourful art world that she defines as a doorway into the “Neon Pussy Universe” by combining chaotic, experimental rhythms with deep bass noises, forceful vocals, and a strong message.

In 2021, Venior will release her first EP and album, both of which will include new music she’s been working on. The Free-K Revolution is upon us.

It’s a delightful r&b meets dub song that she created to put an end to her youth frolicking with good looks but no brains, “Feed My Mind.” For Venior, evolving into the awareness that what really fulfils me is not an emotional rollercoaster or a fleeting high, but rather being with someone who cares about her on a deeper level, this song is a representation of that maturation.

There is nothing more revolutionary than a change in the way we treat ourselves and those closest to us. If we continue to feed into the ego-hype and emphasis on appearance that our culture is preoccupied with, we won’t be able to build a more healthy and genuine world.

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