Vanessa Bumagny Sings For A Happy Revolution On ‘Cinema Apocalipse’

Vanessa Cabral Bumagny, better known by her stage name Vanessa Bumagny, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and composer.

The song “De Papel” marked Bumagny’s musical debut (2003). After that, she released “Pétala por Pétala” (2009), produced by Zeca Baleiro, and “O Segundo Sexo” (2014).

In her family, music was always there. Her father used to play the acoustic guitar and sing at home, while her grandmother played the piano and her grandpa sang. As an exchange student in Napa Valley, she went to choir rehearsal and she discovered that singing was her true calling in life.

Vanessa’s music reflects her eclectic interests, which include everything from classical to rock, Brazilian rhythms to Spanish flamenco.

As a very sensitive individual, she finds inspiration in everything and everyone. Politics, dreams, love, and art are all intertwined. During the previous two years, she has composed a large number of songs.

Vanessa Bumagny Sings For A Happy Revolution On 'Cinema Apocalipse'
Vanessa Bumagny Sings For A Happy Revolution On ‘Cinema Apocalipse’

This album has given Vanessa a sense of hope during the pandemic, as music has always been an outlet for her to express her thoughts and feelings about the world around and within herself, and this album has provided her with something to look forward to in the midst of the chaos..”Cinema Apocalipse” She sings to put her demons to sleep or to weep for a better, more peaceful, loving, beautiful existence in each and every song she writes.

Vanessa has placed Sylvia Plath’s poetry “Lady Lazarus” to music for her album “Cinema Apocalipse” which has eleven songs altogether. As the album’s producer, Rafael Castro was invited to produce and feature a song by Bumagny on his album in 2019, the two musicians’ relationship was solidified even more.

“Eu Sei Ficar Só” and “A Ousadia'” both include Fernanda Takai and Fernanda Takai’s collaboration and participation, respectively. Resistance without abandoning compassion is the theme of this album, which veers from communal to private wants. In the vein of Vanessa’s pulsing need to pack the apocalypse, here are songs anybody may empathise with.

“I took my partnership with Luiz Tatit in “Quem Ama Sofre “, and I liked the result so much that I decided to keep it for myself, not before negotiating with Rafael, promising to give him another song. I was already looking for a producer to make a new record and at that moment I felt I had found it”-Vanessa

Vanessa spends much of her time working on new projects as she prepares for an opera rock with Shakespeare’s sonnets that she wrote music for and performed in as a performer. Reading, watching movies and plays, going to exhibitions, and being near the water and animals are Vanessa’s favourite pastimes.

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